Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March 4, 2008

It's been boring lately. 70 degrees one day, a snowstorm the next. All those applications, few responses, and the one interview request for the week pushed back because of the interviewer's family emergency. At least the unemployment is still coming.

I tried posting a personal ad on Craig's List last week. Along with a whole bunch of fembots, I did get one response from a real person. We've been exchanging e-mails for the last 3-4 days now, and she seems nice. I hope to meet her soon. But so far my accent has not turned her off. I wish I could say the same about the last CYACS event I attended, last Tuesday's (2/26) assistance with Pikes Peak Right to Life. In that event, I helped with their mailings. It was interesting meeting up with the regular CYACS members and the older volunteers who also came to help. But I didn't need to be reminded every 15 minutes that I wasn't in Brooklyn anymore. Yeah right.. in NY, the governor is trying to force abortions down the Catholic Hospitals' collective throats, while here in Colorado, the governor is pro-life and a former Catholic missionary. It's hard to believe Eliot [bleep]ing Spitzer and Bill Ritter are members of the same political party.

Yesterday, I joined Facebook. I think my profile there can be accessed here. I put up a lot of photos- including some of friends and family I didn't put up on my MySpace page (see links to the right). Why they needed my full name when MySpace didn't... I don't know. So far the only person from MySpace that I'm sure is on Facebook is Steve Peak (my former neighbor from Louieville with at least 4 music based profiles on MySpace). There are also some interesting groups there, including one for Pulse 87, one protesting the FARC and Hugo Chavez, and one that most who know me would have a hard time believing I didn't create- a group that advocates giving Memphis (the hellhole city I went to high school in from 1984-90) to Al Qaeda. But then if Al Qaeda does take over Memphis, I probably should get my grandfather George Clarke exhumed from Memorial Park and moved to a freer cemetery in a place I would like to visit.. maybe Michigan (his home state), Jacksonville, FL (the final resting places of his mother and his only son- my father), or Boulder County (the final resting place of his widow, my Grandmother Hazel). Fortunately, none of my relatives still live in that hellhole. The one who lives closest to there would be my niece Allie. In 2 years, she'll be going to college. I would like for her to go to NYU, Columbia, Brooklyn College, UCCS, or Colorado College, but for some reason, she wants to go to Ole Miss- a school with a symbol that her great-great-great grandfather (Adam Fogal) got maimed defending his country against in Gettysburg. Sherman didn't do enough damage to that area 140+ years ago.. and now those neo-confederate rednecks think they can dominate the culture again. They're almost as bad as the anti-religious left.

I hope to hear from certain friends in NYC again.. as soon as I can get my cell phone minutes increased or if some of them finally get a computer.

Also, I did probably the first cosmetic redesign of this blog in 3 years. There will be ads too. I can't encourage regular blog readers to support the ads of anything I would buy or endorse (legal disclaimer). But if Google tries to run ads for things I vehemently oppose (such as Spitzer, the Hildabeest, NBC, Planned Parenthood, PETA, Scientology, the Memphis Tourist Board, etc.), let me know. Hopefully, Blogger/Google won't be that stupid.

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