Sunday, October 09, 2016

October 9, 2016

2016 has been a hectic year so far. But as the year draws to a close, things seem to be getting a lot worse. I got laid off from my high paying warehouse job in Austin and ended up with a lower paying paratransit driver job in San Antonio. I've released more music, and gotten more writings published in this year's Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen Writers' Workshop Anthology (all submitted before I moved to Texas). A hurricane recently killed over 1000 people in Haiti and damaged my late father's final resting place (the rebuilt Jacksonville Beach pier). Rent is significantly lower in San Antonio than in Austin or NYC, but my future in Texas (and the US in general) is in jeopardy due to the election next month.

Donald Trump has managed to keep things close against the unacceptable alternative of Hillary Rodham Clinton. But he is his own worse enemy when it comes to speaking or preparing. He focused too much time after the first debate attacking on of his former beauty pageant winners instead of debating Hillary's failed policies. Trump knew more than a decade ago about his recorded conversation that went into Clintonian vulgarity on how to pick up women. And yet, he was unprepared for the fallout when it was released, and now most of the Republican establishment wants him to quit.

But nothing Trump has done or said is anywhere near as bad as the actions of Hillary "Hildabeest" Rodham Clinton- Benghazi, Lewinsky, her rapist husband, her left wing politics, her mishandling of ISIS/Daesh that allowed them to grow into the cancer that now terrorizes the Middle East and Europe, her support of the expansion and taxpayer funding of legalized infanticide, her dismissal of her opponents as deplorables, and her hatred of men in general.

If this female canine becomes President (and most of the media and political establishment wants this to happen), then I can no longer consider myself a loyal or willing citizen of this country. Things have gotten so bad here that both sides are encouraging self-deportation of their opponents. It will be governmentally-sanctioned open season on conservatives if Hillary wins. There will be a lot of violence and civil unrest if Trump wins. Indeed, China is using this election as an excuse to explain to its people why democracy doesn't work.

I'll try posting another blog post around the election, but after November, I don't know where I'll be living or working. If Hillary wins, I'll probably start a gofundme page for an international work/residence visa and tell all the people who threatened me online about my political views to put their money where their mouth is....