Sunday, April 01, 2012

April 1, 2012

Today is Passion Sunday (also known as Palm Sunday, because of those palm leaves handed out after Mass today). The palms represent the greetings for Jesus as He entered Jerusalem, in a triumphant celebration. The Passion recalls how He was escorted out of Jerusalem (in far less repute than when He entered), scourged, rejected in favor of a terrorist, humiliated, and executed. For those who don't know how the story ends, google "Easter" (which is next Sunday).

Today (as is every April 1) is also April Fools Day, although I quit celebrating that after I left Brooklyn College. The Brooklyn College Excelsior newspaper that I wrote for between 1997-99 used to have a special April Fools issue in which the paper called itself the "Excalibur" and posted such stuff as free tuition, the scumbag Scott Kuperberg taking over the world (to which I snuck in a retraction in 1999), and parrots from the athletic field swooping into nearby Midwood High School and attacking students there.

April 2012 also marks some grim milestones for me- 5 months unemployed, nearly 4 months in the NYC shelter system, 1 year without my own working car, 5 months without my own computer, 5 months since I lived in a place with a kitchen, 10 months since I had my own apartment, and 1 month left of my 30s since I turn 40 next month. I've given up a lot more than just Facebook this Lent.