Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11, 2008

The fallout from Hookergate continues. Eliot "Client 9" Spitzer is still governor of New York, although his political career is as dead as NBC should be. I actually found a few internet posters who think that Hookergate was a Republican dirty tricks operation. No offense, but the Republicans don't have a dirty tricks operation that could manufacture something like this. The liberals and Spitzer defenders have to realize that their savior is not a saint, but something politically akin to the anti-Christ. You don't mess up the job market and antagonize nearly everyone without making everyone opposed to you. And Spitzer did far worse that mess up the job market and antagonize Wall Street (which coincidentally has seen a major rally since the news of Hookergate broke).

I am still unemployed. I spent most of today on the job hunt. Both applications I filed were with non-profits. One of them wants me back for an interview on Thursday. So much for the myth that conservatives are heartless bastards. But then they probably didn't know or care that I still volunteer with St. Mary's Cathedral or that I used to be a church usher at St. Pancras in Queens. But then it also shows the depths that Spitzer sunk to in his political career that a former church usher is one of his most virulent critics.

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