Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 29, 2008

It seems I am not the only member of the Clarke and Stokes families with a major online presence. My father's cousin Wendy Stokes Waselle moved to Franklin, TN, a few years ago from Illinois, and started her own home staging business.

She was recently profiled on (a video equivalent to HGTV- they're both owned by Scripps-Howard), and the following link is to a video profile of her on's website. Also making cameos as home stagers on this short clip are Wendy's husband Dave Waselle, and their niece (and Wendy's partner in the home staging business) Kelly Murray.

Picture of Wendy and Dave Waselle before they got into the home staging industry (January 2004)

I still find it amazing that some people (especially a certain cousin in Tennessee) can start a successful business from scratch from almost nothing. And Wendy has done this at least twice since 1995.

Note: due to certain restrictions on this blog's settings that won't let me upload any videos other than those from You Tube, I couldn't upload Wendy's video here. That is also why other entries on this blog are missing a few videos that are featured on my MySpace and blogs.

Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28, 2008

I guess this is becoming more of a news commentary blog. Now that Spitzer is out of office, another political atrocity rears its ugly head- in the Far East.

For years, I've been boycotting businesses and politicians whose actions I don't support. Some of the most famous on my boycott list include NBC and Planned Parenthood. But it is high time to add the world's most populous nation to that list.


For starters, view the videos below. Many (especially in the Republican Party) thought by increasing trade with this brutal regime after the Tiananmen Square massacre that it would help the millions who were victimized by the evil Communist Party and encourage them to protest, uprise, and eventually overthrow that evil government. After all, a similar policy help bring down that other evil empire called the Soviet Union, right?

Not quite. If anything, the Soviet Union collapsed due to being outspent by of all things the US Military. Ronald Reagan's defense policies may have made nuclear alarmists and the peacenik left go bonkers, but they did indicate to the Soviet Union that we would spend whatever we could to defend our nation against their nuclear threat. It may have ballooned our national debt, but it spent the Soviets into oblivion. By the time the people could uprise against the Communists, the Communists could not pay their own army to defend them against the people, and the army side with the people (and Boris Yeltsin), and Communism is no longer a force in Russia.

Unfortunately, our trade dollars with China did not help bring down the CCP (Chinese Communist Party, to use the Epoch Times's abbreviation). Indeed, it has had the opposite effect. The CCP is using its newfound wealth to attract the Olympics (whose US broadcast partner I have been boycotting for over 11 years, but for other reasons). And more disturbing, the CCP has been building up their military. If the US spent as much of its budget on military purposes as the Chinese have been doing lately, the leftists would be howling. And right now, the Chinese army has the capability to wipe out most of the West Coast with their nuclear weapons. This is not quite the threat that the old Soviet army posed (enough nuclear weapons to wipe out most of civilization), but it is potentially even greater a threat than Al Qaeda. But the CCP won't launch their nukes yet- they still need our money.

Most people know know about the Chinese atrocities in Tibet. But the main test of the CCP army is that little island off their SE coast- Taiwan. The CCP has pledged to do everything within their power (even to the point of nuclear war) to prevent Taiwan from declaring complete independence from China. Such a war would almost certainly involve the US- and if that happens, I wouldn't want to be anywhere west of the Rockies.

To quote Chinese general Zhu Chenghu in 2005, "if the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition on to the target zone on China's territory (Taiwan), I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons," and that "we [...] will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xi'an. Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds ... of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese."

It is insanity to keep trading with (and de-facto arming) one of the biggest threats to the existence of the United States. At the very least, the US Olympic Committee (based about 8 miles south of my current residence) should boycott the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The United States should halt all trade with China until the CCP is out of power. To continue trade with China and to give any type of aid to the CCP is not just against the ideals of American morality, it is greatly increasing the chances the United States will be in a nuclear war. Right now, the US could win such a war, but as long as we keep funding this beast, our chances of winning such a war decrease. And a US victory could still result in over 30 million American civilians killed (and over 300-400 million Chinese and 20 million Taiwanese). That is over 6 times the worldwide casualties of the costliest war in human history- World War 2.

Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14, 2008

The fallout from Hookergate continues... The hooker who brought down Client 9 the Job Killer is also an aspiring singer whose songs are fairly big on MySpace and are now being played on Z100. While I don't normally support prostitutes, this one brought down the biggest slimeball in American politics, and her non-illegal activities should be encouraged.

A new blog called Oh Eliot! is now up and providing updates on the scandal, the slimeball, and the hooker. Contrary to popular belief, I have nothing to do with that blog, other than offer my moral support. I hope they can dig up that old November 2005 Daily News feature on the corrupt (but unfortunately legal under NY law) methods that Spitzer used to divert his Wall Street settlements away from the NY treasury. I might have a copy in my storage site in Long Island City- but I'm a good 2000 miles from there and won't be able to return until after I get that stimulus check. The fuel costs alone would cost me over $600.

Photo from KRDO-13's Peterson AFB cam earlier this morning

Today in Colorado Springs was a lot less scandalous. Yes, the forecasters were off. Instead of light snow and temperatures near 50 in the afternoon, it is considerably cooler, but above freezing now after 4 inches of snow in the morning. It was enough to shut down schools in Manitou Springs and Woodland Park, but not in the city.

I have yet to hear back from Governor Paterson on the letter I wrote him on Wednesday. But he probably got too many letters at once wishing him well, and may not have had a chance to read my letter yet. I hope he does read it, though. But at least he has agreed to not raise taxes, and came up with a McCain-esque response to a reporter's question on whether he had ever patronized a prostitute: "no, not unless you count the lobbyists." No word yet on whether Paterson supports the abhorrent RHAPP bill or not, but that bill probably won't become law because the #2 man in Albany now is Spitzer victim and Republican Senate Leader Joe Bruno, who before Hookergate had already announced his opposition to the RHAPP bill.

And going back to the CYACS Theology on Tap meeting on March 4, the main event was a mini concert by local folk musician Joe Uveges. He pitched the idea to CYACS director Nicole Schommer.. mainly because his most recent album was heavily influenced by the Catholic faith. Not all of Mr. Uveges's music is of the religious variety, though. In fact, he has a very popular video on You Tube for his infamous "Librarian Song". The video is shown below.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12, 2008

A little over an hour ago (4PM EDT/2PM MDT, March 12, 2008), I e-mailed the following letter to David Paterson, who as of Monday will be replacing Client 9 the Job Killer as Governor of the great state of New York:

As a longtime New Yorker who moved to Colorado last year, I have taken great interest in the recent news over your predecessor and the scandal that finally drove him from office. I feel sorry for his wife and daughters because his behavior has ruined their lives and harmed the state as a whole. I won't go into detail on the other ways in which Spitzer has harmed this state (note: read the Spitzer tags on this blog for that), but since you will be replacing him, I hope you will not make the same mistakes he did.

First of all, don't antagonize the public. Spitzer did and thought he was above the law. He thought he could get away with illegally laundering money, with illegally using the state police to snoop on his opponents (many of whom he created by his actions), and all sorts of other sleaze. Everything I have read about you indicates that you have none of the character flaws of Mr. Spitzer. Right now, you have the moral authority and the mandate to take the initiative on ethics reform in the state. Too many public office holders in New York have been forced to resign because of ethical or criminal reasons. New standards need to be implemented to prevent future Spitzers or Alan Hevesis or Guy Vellelas from destroying the public trust with their illegal actions.

Second of all, you have the opportunity to do something your predecessor could never do, and that is make amends with Wall Street. Wall Street and the financial sector is the biggest economic engine in the state. This is an industry that your predecessor nearly drove out of the state because of his character. If anyone in the industry is breaking the law, they should be prosecuted, but to demonize the state's biggest industry and rally the whole state around those lies because of the actions of a few is downright asinine. Is it any wonder that Wall Street has been in a jubilant mood (in the middle of a nationwide economic downturn) since the Spitzer scandal broke? The laws concerning business regulation need to be revised to prevent future abuses (and pointless job losses) by overzealous lawmakers while at the same time preventing businesses from thinking they operate outside the law.

Also, don't succumb to the left wing's desire to give drivers' licenses to illegal aliens and to expand the state abortion policies. The whole illegal alien debate is an issue that Congress and the Federal Government need to come to an agreement on first. There are demagogues on both sides of this issue, but the potential Presidencies of either Barack Obama or John McCain mean that common sense and a national policy will happen within the next couple of years. Hopefully, there will be a major increase in the number of immigrants allowed to come here legally, and with their legal status, allowed to become productive workers, taxpayers, and helpful citizens of both this nation and this state. But at the same time, only the Federal Government can craft a meaningful policy that also weeds out the criminals and the disguised terrorists that see New York City as their next killing ground. We don't need the state legitimizing someone who is hellbent on destroying it.

As far as the divisive issue of abortion, the last thing the state should be doing is forcing the non-profit groups that oppose it to do what is against their beliefs or else be punished. That is just un-American, and the RHAPP bill S.5829 must not be allowed to become law for that reason. Spitzer outraged the state's largest religious group (Catholics) with his advocacy of this legislation. The last thing New York needs in these rough times is a government-instigated religious war.

I wish you the best in your new job as Governor, and I pray that you will be able to heal the divisions in this state that your predecessor helped create and that you wisely guide my former home state in a new, conciliatory, and productive direction.

Thomas D. Clarke

formerly of Ridgewood, Queens, and Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Notes: Guy Vellela is a Bronx Republican former state senator who did jail time for accepting bribes. Alan Hevesi was convicted on felony charges in late 2006 for among other things using state funds (and state vehicles) to chauffeur his wife around NYC and Albany. And if David Paterson moves too far to the left or tries to become the second incarnation of Eliot "Job Killer Client 9" Spitzer, he will be hammered in my blogs as much as Spitzer and the Hildabeest are. But I will give Governor Paterson a chance to redeem himself first. After all, it will take a while to fumigate the Governor's mansion once Spitzer moves out.

And you didn't think I would celebrate the demise of Spitzer without a video of his resignation?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11, 2008

The fallout from Hookergate continues. Eliot "Client 9" Spitzer is still governor of New York, although his political career is as dead as NBC should be. I actually found a few internet posters who think that Hookergate was a Republican dirty tricks operation. No offense, but the Republicans don't have a dirty tricks operation that could manufacture something like this. The liberals and Spitzer defenders have to realize that their savior is not a saint, but something politically akin to the anti-Christ. You don't mess up the job market and antagonize nearly everyone without making everyone opposed to you. And Spitzer did far worse that mess up the job market and antagonize Wall Street (which coincidentally has seen a major rally since the news of Hookergate broke).

I am still unemployed. I spent most of today on the job hunt. Both applications I filed were with non-profits. One of them wants me back for an interview on Thursday. So much for the myth that conservatives are heartless bastards. But then they probably didn't know or care that I still volunteer with St. Mary's Cathedral or that I used to be a church usher at St. Pancras in Queens. But then it also shows the depths that Spitzer sunk to in his political career that a former church usher is one of his most virulent critics.

Monday, March 10, 2008

March 10, 2008

My least favorite politician Eliot Spitzer is at it again.

It is bad enough he destroyed thousands of jobs in New York when he was attorney general. It is bad enough the businesses he sued and settled with donated money to charities that either supported his gubernatorial bid or were run by his relatives. It is bad enough he thought it was a good idea to give drivers' licenses to people not in his state legally. It is bad enough he is so radically pro-infanticide that he thinks all health care providers (especially those opposed to abortion) should either provide abortions or not be allowed to practice medicine. It is bad enough that he used the New York State Police to have trail his political rival State Senate Leader Joe Bruno. It is bad enough that he thinks the most corrupt and overpaid state legislature in the country deserves a pay raise.

Now Spitzer is laundering money to pay for high class hookers. Spitzer (or Client 9, as he is referred to in the joint IRS/FBI investigation), cheated on his wife, and used an illegal money laundering scheme to pay for his mistress. Last time I checked, using the services of a prostitute was still illegal in New York. Last time I checked, laundering money to fund illegal activity was a federal offense (which is how the IRS first got involved). The more one learns about the real Eliot Spitzer, the more one finds out he is about as clean as a weasel with diarrhea. If Eliot Spitzer doesn't resign soon, the legislature should begin impeachment proceedings pronto. But given the recent history of slimeball politicians in the state, it might take a Federal conviction to get him out of office.

Spitzer's attempt at an apology (from CBS News)

This blog originally appeared in my other blog ( about an hour ago. I feel vindicated because now nearly everyone in America knows what a scumbag Spitzer is and there is no way he can further his political career (or stay out of jail for much longer) after this latest scandal. But it is sad that he still got elected governor and that he did so much damage to my longtime home of New York. The Hildabeest is almost as corrupt as Spitzer. Before one thinks of electing her President, one should realize that if she is elected President, she will have a scandal that will result in calls for her resignation or impeachment. Does the United States really need another Clinton impeachment circus? Can the United States afford a Presidency that will closely resemble Spitzer's 15 months as Governor of New York?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March 4, 2008

It's been boring lately. 70 degrees one day, a snowstorm the next. All those applications, few responses, and the one interview request for the week pushed back because of the interviewer's family emergency. At least the unemployment is still coming.

I tried posting a personal ad on Craig's List last week. Along with a whole bunch of fembots, I did get one response from a real person. We've been exchanging e-mails for the last 3-4 days now, and she seems nice. I hope to meet her soon. But so far my accent has not turned her off. I wish I could say the same about the last CYACS event I attended, last Tuesday's (2/26) assistance with Pikes Peak Right to Life. In that event, I helped with their mailings. It was interesting meeting up with the regular CYACS members and the older volunteers who also came to help. But I didn't need to be reminded every 15 minutes that I wasn't in Brooklyn anymore. Yeah right.. in NY, the governor is trying to force abortions down the Catholic Hospitals' collective throats, while here in Colorado, the governor is pro-life and a former Catholic missionary. It's hard to believe Eliot [bleep]ing Spitzer and Bill Ritter are members of the same political party.

Yesterday, I joined Facebook. I think my profile there can be accessed here. I put up a lot of photos- including some of friends and family I didn't put up on my MySpace page (see links to the right). Why they needed my full name when MySpace didn't... I don't know. So far the only person from MySpace that I'm sure is on Facebook is Steve Peak (my former neighbor from Louieville with at least 4 music based profiles on MySpace). There are also some interesting groups there, including one for Pulse 87, one protesting the FARC and Hugo Chavez, and one that most who know me would have a hard time believing I didn't create- a group that advocates giving Memphis (the hellhole city I went to high school in from 1984-90) to Al Qaeda. But then if Al Qaeda does take over Memphis, I probably should get my grandfather George Clarke exhumed from Memorial Park and moved to a freer cemetery in a place I would like to visit.. maybe Michigan (his home state), Jacksonville, FL (the final resting places of his mother and his only son- my father), or Boulder County (the final resting place of his widow, my Grandmother Hazel). Fortunately, none of my relatives still live in that hellhole. The one who lives closest to there would be my niece Allie. In 2 years, she'll be going to college. I would like for her to go to NYU, Columbia, Brooklyn College, UCCS, or Colorado College, but for some reason, she wants to go to Ole Miss- a school with a symbol that her great-great-great grandfather (Adam Fogal) got maimed defending his country against in Gettysburg. Sherman didn't do enough damage to that area 140+ years ago.. and now those neo-confederate rednecks think they can dominate the culture again. They're almost as bad as the anti-religious left.

I hope to hear from certain friends in NYC again.. as soon as I can get my cell phone minutes increased or if some of them finally get a computer.

Also, I did probably the first cosmetic redesign of this blog in 3 years. There will be ads too. I can't encourage regular blog readers to support the ads of anything I would buy or endorse (legal disclaimer). But if Google tries to run ads for things I vehemently oppose (such as Spitzer, the Hildabeest, NBC, Planned Parenthood, PETA, Scientology, the Memphis Tourist Board, etc.), let me know. Hopefully, Blogger/Google won't be that stupid.