Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January 9, 2008

So far, 2008 has been an interesting year. The political primaries are going well against conventional wisdom. Hillary Clinton is no longer a lock to be the Democratic nominee (although unfortunately after last night's primaries in NH, she hasn't been knocked out of the race, either). John McCain, the only Presidential candidate on my MySpace friends list (and the only one of the candidates besides Giuliani whom I've met in person- at the VFW in Staten Island in November 1999), won big last night and is probably now the Republican front runner. If by some horrific nightmare come true Hillary does win the nomination, I strongly encourage McCain to bring up the political misdeeds of her New York allies, especially Eliot "Job Killer" Spitzer and corrupt trial lawyer/Assembly speaker Sheldon "Shyster" Silver. If Hillary wins in November, hello Ireland, or maybe Ensenada or San Miguel de Allende, or St. Catherine's, Ontario.

As of this afternoon, I am back at work, at the same job that laid me off 6 weeks ago. At the very least, it means about $75 more per week than unemployment, and no longer being able to attend weekday CYACS (Colorado Springs Catholic Young Adults) events or watch the evening newscasts or Jeopardy. But I am very good at assembling faucets, and the pace of work means I get a full gym workout without paying gym membership (indeed.. getting paid nearly $280 a week for that workout). I can now catch up on the afternoon talk radio again.. hello Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, and the others who convinced me to start that other blog on

And now, I can catch up on back student loan payments, although I still refuse to pay more than $3 for a gallon of milk or more than 50 cents for a pound of pasta.

I gave my MySpace address to several of the newcomers at last night's CYACS event. I'm not sure if Jennifer is one of them or not.. but it is nice knowing that there are people involved in the techno/dance music scene here in the Springs.. and she has a nice singing voice. I am still criticized for singing in full Brooklyn accent during Mass. I guess that's what 11 years in NYC (plus 3 years as a church usher in Queens) will do to youse.