Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 29, 2008

It seems I am not the only member of the Clarke and Stokes families with a major online presence. My father's cousin Wendy Stokes Waselle moved to Franklin, TN, a few years ago from Illinois, and started her own home staging business.

She was recently profiled on (a video equivalent to HGTV- they're both owned by Scripps-Howard), and the following link is to a video profile of her on's website. Also making cameos as home stagers on this short clip are Wendy's husband Dave Waselle, and their niece (and Wendy's partner in the home staging business) Kelly Murray.

Picture of Wendy and Dave Waselle before they got into the home staging industry (January 2004)

I still find it amazing that some people (especially a certain cousin in Tennessee) can start a successful business from scratch from almost nothing. And Wendy has done this at least twice since 1995.

Note: due to certain restrictions on this blog's settings that won't let me upload any videos other than those from You Tube, I couldn't upload Wendy's video here. That is also why other entries on this blog are missing a few videos that are featured on my MySpace and blogs.

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