Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14, 2008

The fallout from Hookergate continues... The hooker who brought down Client 9 the Job Killer is also an aspiring singer whose songs are fairly big on MySpace and are now being played on Z100. While I don't normally support prostitutes, this one brought down the biggest slimeball in American politics, and her non-illegal activities should be encouraged.

A new blog called Oh Eliot! is now up and providing updates on the scandal, the slimeball, and the hooker. Contrary to popular belief, I have nothing to do with that blog, other than offer my moral support. I hope they can dig up that old November 2005 Daily News feature on the corrupt (but unfortunately legal under NY law) methods that Spitzer used to divert his Wall Street settlements away from the NY treasury. I might have a copy in my storage site in Long Island City- but I'm a good 2000 miles from there and won't be able to return until after I get that stimulus check. The fuel costs alone would cost me over $600.

Photo from KRDO-13's Peterson AFB cam earlier this morning

Today in Colorado Springs was a lot less scandalous. Yes, the forecasters were off. Instead of light snow and temperatures near 50 in the afternoon, it is considerably cooler, but above freezing now after 4 inches of snow in the morning. It was enough to shut down schools in Manitou Springs and Woodland Park, but not in the city.

I have yet to hear back from Governor Paterson on the letter I wrote him on Wednesday. But he probably got too many letters at once wishing him well, and may not have had a chance to read my letter yet. I hope he does read it, though. But at least he has agreed to not raise taxes, and came up with a McCain-esque response to a reporter's question on whether he had ever patronized a prostitute: "no, not unless you count the lobbyists." No word yet on whether Paterson supports the abhorrent RHAPP bill or not, but that bill probably won't become law because the #2 man in Albany now is Spitzer victim and Republican Senate Leader Joe Bruno, who before Hookergate had already announced his opposition to the RHAPP bill.

And going back to the CYACS Theology on Tap meeting on March 4, the main event was a mini concert by local folk musician Joe Uveges. He pitched the idea to CYACS director Nicole Schommer.. mainly because his most recent album was heavily influenced by the Catholic faith. Not all of Mr. Uveges's music is of the religious variety, though. In fact, he has a very popular video on You Tube for his infamous "Librarian Song". The video is shown below.

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