Tuesday, November 05, 2013

November 5, 2013

22 years ago today, my mother died. About a year ago, I was in an evacuation shelter due to Hurricane Sandy. This year, I am still in Rockaway Park (after detours in Jamaica, Midtown, the west side of Colorado Springs, Downtown Austin, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas). I gained and lost 2 jobs. And now I am big into the music production stuff. Below is my latest song and the politically charged lyrics to it.
Lyrics- Get It Right (with appropriate photos)

Verse 1
New York is a guaranteed right to shelter city, but there are people who would rather sleep in the tunnels, train stations, and streets than go to the shelters in Austin there are 10 homeless people for every available homeless shelter bed and those that don't win the bed lottery are told to sleep outside knowing full well they can be arrested get it right

Verse 2
Obamacare passed solely on the votes of one party it claimed to help lower costs by forcing people to buy insurance Needing insurance when you're sick is the main problem with healthcare and they're doubling down on what is wrong and increasing costs for everyone

Verse 3
since 1973 over 50 million have died because of abortion yet many say infanticide is a god-given right guess they forgot about Doctor Gosnell and who planned parenthood was meant to control if Margaret had her way, Barry would never had been born

Verse 4
hey Bill hey Bill or is it Wilhelm? quit listening to the ACORNS and the nuts this city has enough well-intentioned problems without your nutty leftist friends making it worse

Verse 5
big city not so bright lights how could they confuse an OVH with an M400 breaking down after 6 years now they want to switch to L E D but they've only got one chance and 200 million to get it right and fix the lights

Verse 6
who would have thought that learning would become a money pit benefits for all those not learning everyone wants to teach but no one can afford to learn you think you should mortgage your future to learn the present

Verse 7
does it make sense to believe that stupid peacock when they blew up that truck and the truth west side alphabets are too flashy and the canine on 6th wants money for what should be free can't you see the truth
Verse 8
whats the difference between a patriot and a liar between waterboarding and public extortion whats a few trillion between friends and we'd rather know what Lindsay or Brad or what the fox says than the truth get it right MFers/scumbags get it right before it's too late