Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008

Over thie weekend, Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination to face John McCain in November's election. I'll still probably vote for McCain but unlike the horrificaly corrupt Clintons, I could live under an Obama administration. If Obama is wise, he won't name Hillary as his VP and the Clintons can whither away to obscurity in Chappaqua.

I would have a lot more to comment on this but I have way too many other crises to face in NYC at the moment. Since I am on at least one housing list I should find something better than the place I'm staying at in Midtown soon. Hopefully I can find a permanent job soon so I don't have to worry about the Olds getting repossessed and me being liable for thousand$ in penalty fees. But at least now my housing search is limited to the 5 boroughs of NYC instead of having to look outside the US come 2009.

And my nephew Jamie turned 10 this morning. Assuming my mother hadn't died back in 1991, she would be turning 66 on Thursday, which happens to be the day I start my latest job search and training program. I'm sure she and Dad are turning over in their graves, epecially since their only son has endured over a decade of poverty and 12 days in the NYC shelter system.