Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 30, 2016

Another year, another job, another residence. For at least the next 7 months, I'm still in Texas. I don't know yet how permanent my new job is. I'm not sure what country I'm going to be living in by December, since this country is hopelessly divided.

Most Americans want the election to be over with, but right now it seems to be a race between a madman, evil incarnate, a socialist, and a Canadian Texan. In a normal election year, someone with the criminal baggage of Hillary Rodham Clinton would not be a factor. Her allies in New York are ruining that state and city on their way to jail- see Sheldon Silver, Alan Hevesi, Malcolm Smith, Larry Seabrook, and (hopefully soon) Bill DeBlasio. But the media seem hellbent on propping her up to President, even though her opponent has far fewer ethical lapses.

The Republicans have a unity problem. Sure, none of them want Hillary to be President, but they seem to think their best shots to face Hillary are character assassinations of their primary rivals in a level not seen since the 19th Century. The mainstream and electable candidates don't have a shot, leaving a radical Cuban-Canadian who happens to be my current Senator, and a billionaire flip-flopper who's almost as unacceptable as the Hildabeest. And there's the strong possibility that the Republican Convention could be contested.

I'm sure my ancestors who fought for this country (and in at least 1 case, actually died for it) are turning over in their graves to see how badly this land has devolved. Riots are now commonplace at Trump rallies, and the most dangerous candidate out there is portrayed as honest and trustworthy while she bashes anyone to the right of her in a way that should prompt riots.

No offense to my ancestors, but this country is not worth fighting for anymore. 40+ years ago, it gave up on respecting life. 7-8 years ago, it gave up on fairness and liberty. And for the last decade, what was the world's freest democracy and economy is now behind Canada, Ireland, the UK, and parts of Scandinavia.

I have enough to pray for, between an uncle with stage 4 cancer, a nephew who turns 18 in 6 weeks who will soon be on his own with no preparation, and asking God for a bigger miracle in getting settled outside the US in 7-8 months than what happened when I relocated back to Austin 2 months ago.