Sunday, October 29, 2006

October 29, 2006

Only 8 more weeks to go. Tomorrow my sister turns 32. And I have a lot to do in the next 8 weeks- collect at least $600 necessary for the move; vote; send my sister a card; find storage for all that stuff; find a place; make sure the transfer goes through; and get all my bills settled before December 25. At this point, I will most likely use my current employer to transfer me out of town. I will still end up in Colorado Springs, but it may be in mid-2007 if I don't get a job right away in late December (in which case, I will probably end up in the Denver area or Pittsburgh).

Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1, 2006

On this date 71 years ago, my father was born. As most people who know me or read this blog already know, he died in 1995, so he won't be having any big bashes to celebrate the big 7-1.

I am sure he would be proud of his 2 grandchildren. Allie is doing well. Jamie is doing well despite his ADD. My sister has significantly recovered from his death.

However, I don't think he would be too pleased with me.