Saturday, September 06, 2008

September 6, 2008

What a week.. Sarah Palin, who was unknown 9 days ago, is now the most popular politician in America. McCain/Palin is even to Obama/Biden in most polls as of Wednesday.

According to today's Daily News, McCain's acceptance speech outdrew Obama's by about 500000 viewers.

But in more disturbing news for the East Coast, Hannah is coming. Most of the NYC area is under a Tropical Storm Warning until tomorrow. If Hannah continues on its current path, it would be the first Tropical system to hit NYC since Floyd in 1999. The eye of that storm made landfall over Rockaway, Queens. It damaged the roof of the rooming house in Stapleton that I called home at the time. And few residents of Bound Brook, NJ (which was much further from the eye of Floyd than Queens or Staten Island) will forget that storm, since the whole town was flooded for days because of all the rains.

My hood of New Brighton is supposed to get somewhere between 2-7 inches of rain out of this storm. But the eye of Hannah is supposed to be along the Long Island Atlantic coast. It's a good thing that this storm is coming after the beaches closed for the season, because those beaches may not be there by Monday.

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