Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 27, 2008

What a month.. I am still at my job. My car died on me last Saturday (September 20) and then started like nothing was even wrong with it on Tuesday (September 23). My sister seems to be settled in rural hick Tennessee again. And I seem to be hearing more from Steve Peak and Lane Gold since both of them are now on Facebook.

In political news, the economy is going to Hell. Many seem to blame this on Republicans, when in several cases, companies collaped due to long term effects from the interference of... Eliot "Job Killer" Spitzer. The collapse and government takeover of AIG can directly be traced to Spitzer's crusade against AIG founder Hank Greenberg. Democrats want more government interference in business and Wall Street matters. Why? The last time we had major government interference in Wall Street, thousands of jobs were lost because of grudges by Spitzer. If AIG can't survive its government takeover, the ensuing job losses would be greater than those incurred on 9/11. The last thing the US needs in these economic times is Spitzernomics on a national scale. Spitzer's political career may be dead, but his evil influences and regulatory philosophies are setting the stage for future economic catastrophes.

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