Wednesday, November 09, 2016

November 9, 2016

Up until about 2:30AM this moring, I was expecting to have to contact the US embassy in either Toronto, Dublin, or Belfast this afternoon to make an appointment in early December to renounce my citizenship. I was expecting to fire up a GoFundMe page to come up with the thousands of dollars necessary to rid me of ties to a pending government that would be openly hostile to my existence. I was expecting to hear the media elites gloat about how the intelligentsia defeated the deplorables. I was expecting to hear how lower class whites, pro lifers, and conservatives in general would never have power or influence in America ever again.

Not being able to sleep (due to having to leave for work in about 2 hours), I turned on Channel 5, San Antonio's local CBS station. The graphics were pretty damn clear, Donald J Trump elected 45th President. Apparently Trump won my current home state of Texas (so much for this being a swing state), battleground states Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and North Carolina, and shockingly, he won Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. At last count, he has 278 electoral votes and a popular vote advatage over the Hildabeest. I guess my prayers were answered.

From what I saw of his acceptance speech, Trump seemed pretty generous towards the Hildabeest. Hillary, for her part, didn't attend her own election party at the Javits Center. She had her anti-Catholic lackey John Podesta tell the crowd at Javits to go home after the networks called it for Trump.

Depite the crushing victory of Trump and the Republicans over the liberal establishment, the changes necessary for this country will not happen overnight, or even within a week of Trump's inauguration. The dreaded Obamacare will be gone by January, but there will still need to be an overhaul of what is left of the healthcare system. Trade deals will need to be renegotiated. A new Supreme Court justice will need to be appointed and voted upon. Planned Parenthood and other left wing leeches on the Federal Treasury will need to be de-funded. And a broken nation where half of America thinks the new power will destroy them needs to be healed. Too many have bought into the liberal lies about minority disenfranchisement when the only ones who have been deliberately disenfranchised over the last 24 years have been the idealogical opponents of the elites.

Will Trump be able to create much needed change for this country? Will his odious aspects surface and cause a national crisis? Who knows? But the imperfect candidate who campaigned on the right issues won last night, and the worst possible candidate who represented everything I loathe about America lost. And because everything I hated about American politics and government will be out of commission come late January, I no longer have a reason to renounce my US citizenship. But if I ever get a decent job offer or win the lottery, I'd still move to Ireland. I just now don't have to move there next month to save my physical and mental well-being.

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