Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

So much to cover- and only 20 minutes to kvetch...

The Republicans still can't make up their minds. At this point, any of them will be a better choice than Obama.

To my neighbors who threatened my life over reporting a marijuana smell from the next unit over: Marijuana possession and usage is mucho illegal here in New York City. And I'm allergic to that crap. Anyone who threatens me over that reporting is facing full charges and a police visit. Personally I think marijuana and other drugs should warrant permanent prison time, but unfortunately that opinion is in the minority. But that crap is still legal in Denver.

And 12 days ago, Whitney Houston died under mysterious circumstances in Beverly Hills, CA.The first CD I ever purchased was 1987's "Whitney" (which was on sale for $10). The first 45 single I purchased (as opposed to inherited or got from school) was "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", on sale at K-mart for $1.51. I'm not as familiar with the stuff she released after 2004 (when she supposedly lost her voice due to her drug abuse). In some ways, the way she died isn't a shock at all. But Whitney and her music, which crossed boundaries of Pop, R&B, and Dance, will be missed. Below is the video to one of her best songs, which hit top-5 at the dawn of 2000.

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