Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008

There is a rumored dread amongst some Democrats that their party always puts the most defeatable candidates up as their Presidential choices. Of course for the last 2elections, these Democrats failed to see that their candidate was wrong on the issues that mattered most to Americans.

And now their Golden Boy, Barack Obama, he of the 95% approval rating (in Europe) is falling behind McCain in the latest polls. And then Obama does something even stupider than declaring "I am a citizen of the World" in Berlin.. he nominates Joe Biden to be his Vice Presidential pick.

Now maybe those defeatist Democrats may be right here. Obama is a likeable guy who glosses over his positions that differ from the mainstream. But why would he nominate a guy whose best known qualities are not his foreign policy experiences as a Senator, but his blatant plagiarism of British Labour politician Neil Kinnock. It also doesn't help that the main blog at Townhall is reporting that Biden has just as much military experience as Obama (none), marking the first time since 1932 that a major party ticket has no one with military experience. This wouldn't be an issue if we weren't at war with Islamic terrorism and in a renewed Cold War with Russia.

If I were a Democrat , I wouldn't want a blatant liar on my ticket. But then their last successful Presidential candidate was the worst liar and cheat ever to stain (in more ways than one) the Oval Office- and his wife was a serious threat to Obama in the primaries earlier this year. But I haven't been a registered Democrat since 1992, and unlike those left wing elites, I know better.

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