Sunday, January 15, 2006

January 15, 2006

Well, it's 2 weeks into the New Year. Al Qaeda is still in business, as is the tobacco industry, NBC, the Spitzer for Governor campaign, and other unworthy industries.

I'm still alive. My sister got out of the hospital. My niece Allie turned 14. I am unemployed, but I collect unemployment. I've sent out at least 6 applications this past week alone. And I have a nice job fair to go to this Friday (the 20th).

Due to problems with my free ISP, I switched to the Netscape ISP. The switchover went fairly well, although now I have to pay $12.45 a month for internet. But once I get the so called Accelerator CD-ROM, I'll see if the internet really can go at a decent speed on dial up. Of course the problem could be the old laptop that a friend gave to me last year. It runs on Windows 2000, and I had to install Firefox (and later, Netscape 7.2) just to get online. It freezes up from time to time, but unlike my desktop computer, it runs most of the time. My desktop (complete with games, a CD burner, and half my music collection) stopped running on September 11, 2005. Between catching up on rent (and paying other bills), I don't have the money yet to fix the desktop computer.

Between interviews, applications, and my normal Sunday church usher position, I've spent more time online. I updated my online family tree. I've sent e-mails to friends I haven't seen in person in years. I'm even working on some websites. One has my old newspaper columns from Brooklyn College and forum posts from 1993-2004. The other, when complete, will be an anti-Spitzer website, complete with details on how many jobs he's already cost this state. So far, I've tabulated close to 25000- all in the private sector.

So far, the year 2006 hasn't been that eventful. But there's still 50 weeks left to go.

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